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04-09-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Wow, I'll try to explain it one more time. I'll go slowly. Well you see, some people are saying that McD is our best dman by far. Now, I think girardi has been pretty good this year. So you see, unless McD is the best dman in the whole wide world, he can't be the best on the team by far unless girardi is bad. Since I don't think girardi is bad, I don't think McD is the best dman by far.

The offensive production difference between the two has been very small. McD was 2 goals better and 1 assist better. Big whoop. I'm not arguing he's not the better offensive player. But I value the defensive side more and not to say McD has been bad back there, but girardi has been perhaps the best in the league in that regard.
McDonagh is better than Girardi in all three zones. He's our best defensemen by a noticeable amount. Whether that amount is "by far" or some lesser distance amounts to semantics. It's not hating on Girardi to point out that McDonagh could contend for the Norris in future seasons.

You're clearly of the persuasion that Girardi is better than McDonagh. But it's more than a little dishonest to write off the offensive difference in their games to point totals. If you watch them at all you can see that McDonagh does and is capable of doing things with the puck that Girardi couldn't even try. I'm also not sure how you can contend that McDonagh is weaker defensively given how dominant he's been. Girardi's also just more mistake prone than McDonagh. Girardi had 61 giveaways while McDonagh only had 53. McDonagh also hade 46 takeaways to Girardi's 37.

Again I would wager that everybody here praising McDonagh also loves Girardi. The fact that McDonagh is a stud doesn't take away from that.

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