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11-19-2003, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by discostu
But the point is, yes it may be easier for you to focus on that, because you cannot deny based, on the example provided, that economic advantage can be converted into on-ice advantage. As long as that scenario is out there unchallenged, your assertation is false. You can keep trying to divert the conversation if you want, but at the end of the day, you have no argument.
Let us assume for a second that the Discostu Fantasy Island view of the NHL actually reflects reality. Let us assume that this Calgary-New York scenario actually resembles something that could happen.

Let us assume that the large markets, er, the rich markets, er, the big spending markets have an advantage that they did not earn and do not deserve. (This last assumption really sticks in my craw. The Red wings deserve their success! To suggest otherwise - that they have an unfair advantage - is an insult to the organization.)

Let us assume that New York will be able to buy the final piece when they get on the cusp of their next dynasty, while poor Calgary will not. Let us assume the ridiculous, that discostu is right. (I know, I know. But if discostu can pretend this hard, so can we.)

Hands up those who want to change the nature of the NHL to solve this terrible, terrible problem. Hands up those who want to eliminate elite teams to eliminate this massive advantage the Rangers have. Hands up those who vote for mediocrity so the Rangers won't be able to buy a Cup in the next decade. Hands up those who want fundamental structural change so that Carolina fans think the league would be fairer. Hands up everyone who thinks the NHL should prevent anybody ever getting as good as the Avalanche or the Wings let alone the old Habs, Islanders or Oilers.

It's a joke. Even if we assume that Hell has frozen over and as a result discostu has a point worth making, it is a joke.

It is prescribing chemotherapy for a mosquito bite.


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