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11-19-2003, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Face Wash
No prob Swing...

here's my last treatice on the subject
I was originally thinking it was regarding his game play, and not his off ice issue. I don't know what to say on this one? I mean it's beyond obvious that this guy had no class the night of his incident, more importantly how could you ever hit a woman! It's a thought that is not imagineable. I don't know what was said that night, that made him lose his rag, but he definitely lost it.
However I do believe in giving someone a second chance, and maybe that anger management class will help. I think they did the same to Karalahti, and although they gave him a chance, I think his punishment was severe. His problem from the past came back to bite him in the ass and I don't think he was doing heroin when he was here. They restricted him from everything including booze, which to me was a bit harsh. Having a drink, and shooting something into your vein is not even in the same ball park.
I think Corvo's off ice incident has effected his gameplay, and the more support he get's the better he can become. I know he doesn't deserve support for certain aspects. But he made a personal mistake, I think we all have, maybe not to that degree, but a mistake we wish we can take back. To tell you the truth I only really like to talk about hockey here, and nothing else. As for morals........well I think everybody *****s up from time to time.

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