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04-09-2012, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
That would be "queue the argument" and I never quite understand why people whine and moan about how "painful" it is to sit through an entire baseball game. Maybe our culture is becoming an increasingly ADD one that can't be bothered to sit down to a baseball game any more. Maybe we've lost touch with what makes baseball a good sport and rather than try to regain that we're content to use it as an excuse to sit around and gab with friends while I'm trying to score a game (it never fails...there's always some parents with poorly behaved kids or hipsters talking about braiding their armpit hair or yuppies jabbering in my ear while I'm trying to watch the game).
While I do think the change in society argument has some merit, I think the problem is, what makes baseball a good sport to you might not make it good for others. Everyone is different.

I grew up a Cubs fan and every summer was spent playing baseball in the morning then retiring to a friends house to put on WGN and watching a Cubs game, then back on the field after the game was over until our Moms called us for dinner. I played the sport and loved watching it as a kid. I still watch it occasionally, but don't enjoy it as much as football and hockey (part of that is the Cubs really suck )

On the flipside, my kids couldn't care less about baseball. They didn't want to play it so I didn't force them, but they played Lacrosse, soccer, hockey, Tae Kwon Do, etc.. To them, a minor league game is a "social night out" and they enjoy that for the overall experience, but don't get into the game like I did as a kid (so they are more likely to be in the sit around and gab with friends crowd). Other sports are now becoming more popular. When I was a kid, it was football, baseball, basketball and hockey (I grew up in the north). Sports like Soccer, Lacrosse, etc.. were almost non-existent. I think that has some part in why Baseball's popularity is waning.

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