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04-09-2012, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Lola View Post
We took Beezer to the store yesterday (our store). The plan was to have him live at the store. No go. He was stressed the entire 4 hours he was there. I had Scott bring him back home. Once home, he settled right in and he's been fine since.

So I got a juvenile Veiled Chameleon to keep at our store. He's very chill. He was born and raised at a pet store, so he's used to constant traffic. He hasn't been stressed at all, and he's doing great. His coloring in the sunlight is a teal with orange stripes. I named him "Shula".

Chameleons, as I'm finding out, are like potato chips; you can't have just one. :p
LOL tell me about it I raise Panther Chameleons so I have a few. I only have one named after a player though. Seeing that when I bought him and carried him to the car he bit me the whole way I named him Belak.




Belak and Skie just became fathers had a clutch from each hatch out in the last month or so cute little buggers when they are young.

But they grow up fast these are 2 males that hatched out last July.

Glad to know there are other people on here that have chameleons. If you ever have any questions shoot me a PM.

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