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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Well, the more he goes back to get that puck, the more we get to run him through the end of the rink.

Also, Harvey being matched up against the Stewart line just leaves the Forsberg line more free to do the damage.
Forsberg is the best weapon you have, but his linemates are worse than Stewart's. The two lines are pretty even in my opinion. Harvey being out there against either is okay with me, I'm not wasting him either way.

To be honest, I am probably going to play Harvey more in that matchup.

And I've decided on my defensive switches. I am dropping Reijo from my lineup, and adding Tex Evans.

Harvey-Evans (17 minutes ES)
Gerard-Heller (17 mins ES)
Van Impe-Harmon (12 mins ES)

New Minute chart for my defense:

Harvey: 26 mins
Gerard: 23 mins (picks up one minute on PP)
Heller: 23 mins (picks up 2 PP mins at end of PPs)
Evans: 17 mins
Harmon: 16 mins (extra 2 mins on PP)
Van Impe: 15 mins

The reason for this is due to the sheer physical strength and forechecking ability of both top lines of Rogle. Harmon will move up and take first PP duties (weak link there, but you know what it's not going to be like that was a strength of my team anyway. I'd rather be able to play tough defense on the stronger offense of Rogle). Evans is very clearly NOT a top ES guy here, but I think I really like his matchup on the brute force of Dreakmur's 2nd line. Both he and Harvey are strong as oxen, and 17 mins is not too much for a guy like Evans to play overall. Gerard stays on the second pairing that way I always have one of my top two great defensive defensemen out there against his best players, and then Van Impe and Harmon at least make for a great third pairing. I'm not necessarily going to be "Hard" matching against Dreakmur's second line with Harvey-Evans, but they will be out there when it makes sense and is possible. Again, Evans is more of a 5/6 guy in the ATD, but against this specific big, physical second line that is great in the corners and in front of the net, Evans makes the most sense to play with Harvey. Also, the top line of Forsberg-Nolan is also physical as hell, so having Ruotsalainen out there against these guys is dangerous as all hell, and I'll stilll feel confident with Evans out there against those physical guys.

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