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Originally Posted by Aeneas View Post
Didnt know what thread to throw this into, but im debating possible grad schools and im looking at McGill, how hard is it to get a job not being able to speak french, or how are there jobs that a little bit of french i could get by in, i wouldnt call myself bilingual but i can generally understand what is being said
Downtown won't be a problem, NDG, Parc extension you can get by. But you'll fall in the category of ' non-french speaking english workers of downtown Montreal', which is a sort of an issue for french natives. Not being able to be served in french, in a french nation... I personally don't give a rats ass but some people do.

When I was working as a cook on the plateau, one of our waitress ( charming and kind ) from Alberta was picking up french on the fly and was doing quite good, but she mentioned to me a few bad encounters with clients who were probably too snobby and up-tight to notice her good effort.

I'd strongly advise you to do the same effort and try to bend in a little in the culture because learning a new language in a new area opens up windows in a totally new culture, not speaking french in Quebec you'll probably miss out on a lot of things.

Montreal is almost entirely bilingual in the center and it's borders but either west or east it's also very uni-lingual, west is English and east French.

With only English as a start you'll find many jobs around the university.

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