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04-09-2012, 07:36 PM
Anton Dubinchuk
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I'm not going to get into it, but yeah, for me, soccer's WAY better than baseball. I DO play soccer, as in right now, so I'll agree that it helps, but the only one of my friends that likes MLB baseball is going to play D-I baseball next year. Meanwhile, I have SEVERAL friends that have never played soccer before that know more about the professional game than I do.

TBH, it sounds silly, but I think among the high school crowd, and particularly with the crowd that I hang with, soccer's rise in popularity has coincided with the rise in popularity of the FIFA games.

I also read through garnetpalmetto's argument, comparing soccer to McDonald's, and you ALMOST passed that off for real logic, so well done . But, what you failed to do, in comparing saying soccer is the best sport in the world to saying that McDonald's is the best restaurant in the world, is actually address baseball as a comparison. You almost seem to be saying that being the most popular sport in the world is a point AGAINST soccer, which it's obviously not.

It's funny, to me at least, that people hate soccer for being so slow paced, then love baseball, which stops the game for 30 seconds every 4 seconds. I get the nostalgia, I get the "fresh-cut grass" factor, but soccer's got both of those while still being a game that can keep your attention. Calling soccer "boring," then chiding those without the attention span for baseball? Seems like the logic is off there.

But does it really matter? We all like our respective sports for different reasons. I'm sure if my parents took me to a couple of baseball games in a row when I was 6 instead of Canes games, I'd be a diehard baseball fan right now. But, as someone who grew up a fan of neither sport, and currently knows about the same about each sport (players/rosters-wise, not strategy obviously, as I play soccer), I can say that I absolutely would rather sit down and watch a soccer game vs. a baseball game. An hour and a half vs. three hours, with about five times the total interesting action smashed into that hour and a half, PLUS no commercials except for halftime and no delays in the game of over 15 seconds or so.

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