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On first lines, I will argue that the two first lines are close, with a slight edge to Vancouver.

Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi View Post
1st lines: Advantage Vancouver

Boucher is definitely the best offensive creator, but Milt Schmidt is definitely the best player on either line. Jackson>Conacher. It's close, but Busher definitely has the higher game-breaking ability in a playoff series. Anderson>Drillon, even though Glenn is routinely one of the most overrated player taken in the ATD. He's not a 165-185 range player, more like 205-215 IMO. He's a glue guy, where as Drillon actually has legit front-line skills despite his much talked about flakey ways on here. Vancouver takes this in both offence and two-way ability thanks to the guy in the middle for me.
I'll start by contesting Boucher and Schmidt; I feel the bolded is highly questionable, and I think that these two are in the same tier of centres. Boucher may actually have an edge.

You observe that Frank Boucher is the better offensive creator- but let's look at just how much that is.

I'll do a simple top-10 points look.

Schmidt: 1, 4, 4, 10, 10
Boucher: 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6, 6, 7, 10.

And playoffs:

Schmidt: 1, 4, 6, 8.
Boucher: 1, 1, 6, 6
(Both had good opportunity and conn-smythe worthy runs; but Boucher's got an edge here, somewhat, I think).

A pretty wide gap all things considered. Yes, you can make the argument for the war years Schmidt had- but I've never been one to be swayed by that argument, as I dislike giving value based on "what-ifs".

Toughness is a pretty large edge to Schmidt, I will concede.

Defensively? I'm not particularly sold Schmidt has as dramatic an edge as ATD canon would suggest. Yes, he was known as a top-notch two-way centre..but so was Boucher. Looking at the evidence that I'm aware of (namely EB's old, quality Schmidt bio,) Boucher might have slightly more evidence (comparing the stuff their to that of my bio). I'm willing to give Schmidt the benefit of the doubt and give him somewhat of an edge, but not a large one until I see a better case presented on his defense.

(Boucher's evidence can be found in my conveniently linked bio- most of it the great work of Sturminator last year).

This considered, I think Boucher's offense edge is stronger than Schmidt's. You might give more points to Schmidt's war years than I do, as well as his canonical defense (but when's the last time you really tried to gauge his defensive level and not relied on canon?), but I don't think it'd be enough to really give Schmidt any significant edge. I see these two as fairly equal at best.


Jackson vs Conacher

I won't contend this one particularly much. Both are here to provide some good goal-scoring prescence, but Jackson is somewhat better at it.


Drillon vs Anderson

I fail to see what draft position has to do with how these two stack up. Drillon obviously has a substantial offensive advantage in terms of best- 4 finishes(1, 2, 4, 8 in top-10 vs 9,11, 12, 13 for Anderson- though Anderson's in the tougher era), Anderson just brings such a complete game, wheras Drillon brings quite the opposite.
supposedly not concerned with backchecking (to LOH). I won't harp on Drillon's playoffs much, since he had very good runs, but Anderson does seem to be more of a big-gamer and raising his level due to Drillon's famous blackmark in 1942 (benched for game 4-7 of the SC finals; Leafs coming back and winning those 4 games to take the cup).

Drillon's an overall better player, but Anderson's complete game and big-game performance, along with Drillon's questionable defense, must be considered.


Overall line impression

It's flawed at best for monster-bertuzzi to say that his line has better two-way ability; Schmidt's defense is not particularly better (unless he can provide better analysis than I can find), wheras he is dealing with a distinct minus on the RW defensively (and Anderson is a slight plus in his own zone, I think).

Offensively, I think things are tight. Boucher's advantage over Schmidt can certainly compete with or best with either advantage on the wing (particularly in the playoffs in the case of RW). I'll concede a small edge to Vancouver here, the power of Boucher over Schmidt really narrowing that wing gap.

Toughness to Vancouver, I will concede, on these lines.

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