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03-03-2006, 01:43 PM
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Now boys, calm down. I'm not overly envious of Trotz as a coach. I sometime question his lines, scratches, etc. BUT how may of you HAVE coaching experence or even playing experence. As all those Wings fans LOVE to point out, we are "ignoranty" hockey fans. Keep this in mind; "The quicker we get to the finals, the more we will expect and the more difficult it'll be to satisfy us (aka Wings fans)." Let's keep the pace slow and steady. Playoff spot the last season played. Home ice the second playoff spot. Baby steps. I'm not sure why Trotz called out Legwand when PK and Sully played so badly. Perhaps there is something we do not know about Trotz and Legwand's relationshop. Perhaps they have a personality conflict. Perhaps Trotz wants/wanted to trade Leggy and Poile would not allow it so Trotz is punishing him. Perhaps Trotz thinks he can spur Leggy to better play with such treatment. Regradless, WE are not the coach, general manager, or a player. Our opinion don't mean squat!LETS PLAY HOCKEY! DROP THE PUCK AND LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I have a sispision that the closer we get to play-off time, the more pumped this team will get. we have NOt seen their best hockey excpet for spirts and fits!

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