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04-09-2012, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
What tells you that he isn't?

Leadership is shown in interview now?

He doesn't want to talk about ONE player. If the media wants to know about PK's progression, ask the coach, not Markov.

Like I said, Markov is not Darche or Gorges or Cole who knows how to answer from the media without stirring anything up. Maybe that's why Markov doesn't to answer some questions knowing that if he says something "not right", with his limited english, the journalists are gonna make a big fuss about it.

Now the morons on l'Antichambre associates "Next question" to "I Hate Him".

They hate Markov because Markov just doesn't give a crap about the media.

Also, Bergeron is an hypocrite. He was the one criticizing Subban for all kind things. He criticized PK and Price for the triple low 3 ffs.
"limited English"? He's been here 12 years. You're trying to sell Markov short. He had no issue understanding that question. Media asks players all the time about the development of young players. It was a piss poor answer. Am I going to hold it against Markov? No. Is it a big deal? No. But lets call it what it is. Crappy answer.

Like I said, that's not the answer a leader gives.

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