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Originally Posted by ORENW View Post
I'm going to try to explain this to the best of my perspective.

There is a player base on this team that has taken a dislike to PK Subban, not because he's a bad person, but because he makes them look bad .

He makes them look bad during games, by being the only player on this team that ' takes the play ' forcing them to anticipate his next move. He makes them look bad in practice by playing them with too much intensity. Several players feel he doesn't show any gratitude towards them, doesn't understand the sacrifices they make to make him successful

And the truth is that they are wrong, they are all wrong because the only people Subban has bothered on this team are those who've failed to play up to their full potential, the ones who've failed to elevate their play the way players on the penguins roster did with Crosby out.

The last thing the Habs need is for Subban to turn into Sandis Ozolinsh

A few in the media have said that Markov has mismanaged his recovery, that by failing to listen to Dr. Andrews he actually created his own misfortune, but the bottom line is, I don't know and Pierre Gauthier made sure nobody got a read on this. So the only thing I can blame Markov for forcing the Habs to bring Subban along quicker than he should have.

PK Subban is not the problem on this team, if some people on this team feel that after finishing last in the conference they even have a smidgen of entitlement that allows them to comment on a player that showed Subban's poise throughout the season

They are the problem
Great post.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Boo-hoo! Are there some feelings hurt by them calling it the way it is? Grow some tougher skin! This is a general statement to those who cry at the reactions on that show tonight, no one in particular.

The fact is that Markov, as an alternate captain, HAD to answer that question and by not answering it, he looked like an ass. I'm getting more and more fed-up with this guy and it's really sad. But it's from his own doing. We talk about Gainey's worst move in trading for Gomez. Just as bad is Gauthier's signing of Markov. What a joke!
Yep, he has a letter on his jersey. I'm not going to cry about the response. But how people are acting like he was backed into a corner and gave the right response is unbelievable.

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