Thread: Speculation: Bobrovsky Sophomore Slump
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04-09-2012, 11:11 PM
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It's funny how Bob's play fell off just as Bryz started playing well... Perhaps he lost confidence as he knows he won't get a shot at being number one here if Bryz keeps it up? As much as I like him and I'd hate to see him go, I think he'd be far more likely to flourish at a new team where he has a shot at being the bona fide number one, as opposed to just marking time behind a guy with 8 years left on his contract.

Originally Posted by nitroglycerin View Post
Would be nice if we could move him to Columbus, Tampa, SJ maybe Leafs or some other team that needs young potential. Bobrovsky needs playing time, doubt he will play 30 games next season.

Between Bernier, Schneider there is not much else out there.

NJD will be in play for golatender too. Maybe there is a market for Bob.
SJ? Nah, they've got Griess behind Niemi and he seems pretty good. The other options though, I could see that working. However, I think the Leafs will go for an older head to start as they try to develop Reimer (meaning I think they will let Gus go).

I think the best fits for Bob would be NJ or TB. If either of them can't get Schneider or Bernier, Bob has got to be one of the best experienced young guys who is available. Heck, even if Tampa get one of them, they're still a possible destination considering their situation (Roli = probably retiring, Garon = crap, Tokarski = uninspiring).

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