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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
The stupid statement is quoted above. Why? Subban was asked about Markov. Guess what he said? He talked about Markov being missed, being a veteran who could have been a mentor not only to him, but to the other new defensemen on the team.

Tell me, Stradale, which player is the veteran and wears the "A" on his jersey? Which player showed leadership?

Defend him all you want. What Markov did was wrong and deep down, you know it. So you guys keep deflecting the problem onto TV hosts like the ones at l'AC or Don Cherry, but they are not the ones who acted that way.
The guys on l'Antichabre clearly have an agenda on Markov tonight.

If you want to watch honest journalism, read Renaud Lavoie's article. Did he spent the whole article saying Markov was an ass, lacks leadership, hates Montreal, hates Subban, has low IQ etc etc?

Il y avait une tendance lourde dans le vestiaire du Canadien, alors que les joueurs ont vidé leur casier une dernière fois : personne ne voulait parler de PK Subban.
C’est Andrei Markov qui a été le plus clair en disant devant toutes les caméras qu’il ne voulait pas parler de lui. Quelques coéquipiers ont fait la même chose, dont un qui m’a dit la chose suivante sur le couvert de l’anonymat. « PK fait trop ce qu’il veut sur la glace et hors glace. » On commence donc à en avoir assez.

Cette situation devra se régler un jour ou l’autre, parce que tous les coéquipiers de Subban s’entendent qu’il a un talent incroyable et qu’il peut faire la différence, mais qu’il doit être plus responsable.

I know you can read french so I don't need to translate.

Like I said, Its not a duty for a player with a letter on his jersey (or without) to judge, criticize, analize another teammate's play to the media. That's the coach's job. Of course some player will do it and say good things about a teammates. Some chose not to do it, like in this case with PK.

Its like they go ask Gionta, what he would do with Gomez. That's not his job but the GM's job. If Gio's answered "next question" on that, would that make him an ass too?

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