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04-10-2012, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Actually, I see him as a great guy to show all the young guys how to play the game the right way. Guy got Hart votes and was 4th in all-star voting in '09/10, was 5th in Hart voting in '08/09 and 2nd team all-star (only a 2 horse race with him and Ovechkin, Kovalchuk a distant 3rd with only 1/6th of Parise's votes), and has received Selke votes a few times. He'd probably join the teams as its best forward. What's wrong with having a guy like him "set the bar" as younger players are brought into the fold??
I don't think it makes sense timing wise. I'm not saying he's a bad player. I think that adding him doesn't get us closer to a cup. I think we'd spin our wheels trying to plug holes while he's in the lineup and I think adding him now doesn't really make sense.

If we're going to build, I'd want to do it with younger players now.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Um... I mention "holes" in the top 6, and I think I've explained that I see Bourque and Gionta "having to be" in our top 6 as the problem. If no one internally can move up to take their place (what player currently under contract with the Habs is better suited for top 6 duties next year?), then what else can you do? Find a cheapish marginal top 6 stop-gap player to stick in the way for a few years instead until something ELSE "better" comes along or the "timing is right" (whatever that really means, given that new management is going to be under pressure to undo past mistakes AND improve immediately)?

Even just a "swap" of Gomez's spot on the roster for Parise wouldn't represent a significant difference in cap totals, and we'd obviously be the better for it, so why not? I don't see many LWers in the league that I would rather add than Parise - and I see even fewer if conversation is restricted to players scheduled to become FAs any time soon. If the Habs won't become a Cup contender within the term of whatever contract Parise signs next, then I guess keeping Price the whole time will prove to be a waste, too, since he could be past his prime by the time the Habs "legitimately" contend, according to you. Having said that, you also said "Get better players and the team will win." so...

Not too many opportunities to land one of the very best LWers in the league (we're talking top 5 here, not just top 30), so I'd grab one if I could and focus on the remaining parts of the lineup which need improving. I mean, good luck adding a 23 year old Hart, all-star, and Selke vote receiving "legitimate" building block LWer instead, if you ever find one.
Parise is coming off a 30 goal 70 point season. Not bad but it's not near what his highs were. No doubt he was great a few years back but he's not without risk. And it's very possible he's played his best hockey.

I'm not saying he's over the hill by any stretch but if you're bringing this guy on expecting 45 goals, I'd say you're probably expecting too much. And he'd cost a mint and we'd need to give him something stupid like 7 years.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
No no, he said a "guy like Parise" ("in the mould of"). Of all the players who have received Hart votes multiple times in their career and eventually been traded, how many of those teams ever regretted adding that player, no matter what point in their career they were at? I think that's where ChoseLa is going with that one. It's not just about "success" through FA in the broadest terms; it's about the kind and calibre of the player involved, too.
We brought on Cammy expecting him to be a 40 goal guy and he didn't produce. Granted much of that was injury but he didn't produce. I see adding Parise as being much the same. Yes, he's a better player than Cammy was but I don't see us going anywhere with him.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
As such, the "recent" addition of Richards to the Rangers could very well be demonstrative of the potential effect adding a single player like Parise might have. You probably would have argued at the start of the season that giving that icetime to Dubinsky and Stepan instead would have been "better" (longterm/for their development/whatever) than giving it to a 30 year old Richards, but I doubt anyone in that organization would agree with you or even sit down to listen to your counter-points right now.
Brad Richards is a 32 year old 12 million dollar 66 point player with a long contract. And unlike us, the Rangers actually get the best FAs every year. They just reload every season. It's not just a single FA that they've added, they added Gaborik and Richards. They also don't have two midgets in their top six to go along with it or huge question marks on the D. They also ripped us off on one of our best prospects while dumping a bad contract that allowed them to go get Gaborik to begin with. That's several moves, not one. And those moves + their own younger players and Henrik Lundqvist are why the Rangers are where they are.

Maybe it works out for them. The Rangers are usually a middle of the pack team with a huge payroll. This season they've been great. I think a huge reason for that though is Lundqvist himself who's been unbelievable. We all know that there's more than one way to win a cup. But you'd think with the way the Rangers spend all that cash all the time that they'd have seen more cups along the way. But that hasn't happened. They've got a strong team and a spectacular goalie. It might be enough. But I don't think that adding Parise to our club is an apples to apples comparison.

You'd be adding big dollars. We'd have to find a way to ditch some bad contracts that we have like Gomez and Kaberle. We've got holes elsewhere and guys like Price, Max and Subban will be commanding larger dollars soon. And I still don't like the idea of Gionta/Pleks/Parise as I think that line is too small. And that's what the 2nd line would be because we don't really have anyone else to put there. I don't see putting either Parise or Gionta with DD.

I mean is it so horrific an idea to be patient here? We'll get a high pick this year and we've got some good young D coming up in the next few seasons anyway. It may take a little longer but I'd rather wait it out and see how we can do. If we don't do well, then we take another good pick next season. UFAs will always be out there. Parise is good but it's not like we're passing up Crosby here. And he only managed 31 goals this season. He's going to want a king's ransom and it's very likely that he'll be paid more than he's worth. No thanks.

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