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04-10-2012, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I don't think it makes sense timing wise. I'm not saying he's a bad player. I think that adding him doesn't get us closer to a cup. I think we'd spin our wheels trying to plug holes while he's in the lineup and I think adding him now doesn't really make sense.

If we're going to build, I'd want to do it with younger players now.
While all opinions are "valid", I think the one you expressed right there is ludicrous. Of course he would. He's not only VERY talented, he's strong in all 3 zones (unlike EVERY LWer we have, except maybe Max... maybe) and one of the best LWers in the game. Of course he'd get us closer, even if the only change from this year was dumping Gomez (and his contract) and adding Parise.

Wanting to add younger players is fine and all, but Price is going to be 25 starting next season. How long do you figure management is really going to slow down the rebuild with him coming into his prime?? Your philosophy may be sound in a vacuum, but there are numerous situations in the NHL currently (including our own) which simply preclude the possibility of such an approach, whether you like it or not.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Parise is coming off a 30 goal 70 point season. Not bad but it's not near what his highs were. No doubt he was great a few years back but he's not without risk. And it's very possible he's played his best hockey.

I'm not saying he's over the hill by any stretch but if you're bringing this guy on expecting 45 goals, I'd say you're probably expecting too much. And he'd cost a mint and we'd need to give him something stupid like 7 years.
You're speculating as to the term it would require, and who holds anyone to career scoring highs when they join the Habs anyway? 30 goals and 70 points is more than respectable for someone who sat out almost the entire previous season. That's your cue to bring up concerns about injuries or whatever, but realize that he came back and played every game this year, finishing top 25 in league scoring (top 20 in goals).

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
We brought on Cammy expecting him to be a 40 goal guy and he didn't produce. Granted much of that was injury but he didn't produce. I see adding Parise as being much the same. Yes, he's a better player than Cammy was but I don't see us going anywhere with him.
No, we brought in Cammy expecting him to be one of our leading goal scorers and someone who was supposed to have chemistry with the other two major FA additions at the time. Under-sized and one-dimensional though, so no surprise that he disappointed in other zones without the distraction of abundant goal scoring. Anyone who expected him to come and score 40 goals simply hasn't been watching the Habs very long, as the last person to do that was Damphousse in one of the highest league scoring years ever. Heck, Cammy never even actually got to the 40 goal mark, so I don't know what you're talking about there, unless you're referring me back to the opinions/projections from certain clueless and unrealistic posters of the time. I ignored them then, I'll ignore them now.

Anyway, I can't even believe that the calibre, skill, and style differences between Parise and Cammy have escaped you to the point of expecting "nothing different" (or, rather, "much the same").

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Brad Richards is a 32 year old 12 million dollar 66 point player with a long contract. And unlike us, the Rangers actually get the best FAs every year. They just reload every season. It's not just a single FA that they've added, they added Gaborik and Richards. They also don't have two midgets in their top six to go along with it or huge question marks on the D. They also ripped us off on one of our best prospects while dumping a bad contract that allowed them to go get Gaborik to begin with. That's several moves, not one. And those moves + their own younger players and Henrik Lundqvist are why the Rangers are where they are.
Maybe you missed it, but the Rangers had Gaborik in '09/10, he scored over 40 goals, and they missed the playoffs. Richards was the only major addition this year (compare the top 10 or 12 scorers from this year vs last year, and you'll see), and they finished 1st in the conference. As far as their "youth getting them where they are"... well, we have plenty of quality youth just waiting for the same opportunity to chip in behind "true" top line players, instead of being asked to carry the team from the top (like MaxPac, Subban, and Price have been).

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Maybe it works out for them. The Rangers are usually a middle of the pack team with a huge payroll. This season they've been great. I think a huge reason for that though is Lundqvist himself who's been unbelievable. We all know that there's more than one way to win a cup. But you'd think with the way the Rangers spend all that cash all the time that they'd have seen more cups along the way. But that hasn't happened. They've got a strong team and a spectacular goalie. It might be enough. But I don't think that adding Parise to our club is an apples to apples comparison.

You'd be adding big dollars. We'd have to find a way to ditch some bad contracts that we have like Gomez and Kaberle. We've got holes elsewhere and guys like Price, Max and Subban will be commanding larger dollars soon. And I still don't like the idea of Gionta/Pleks/Parise as I think that line is too small. And that's what the 2nd line would be because we don't really have anyone else to put there. I don't see putting either Parise or Gionta with DD.

I mean is it so horrific an idea to be patient here? We'll get a high pick this year and we've got some good young D coming up in the next few seasons anyway. It may take a little longer but I'd rather wait it out and see how we can do. If we don't do well, then we take another good pick next season. UFAs will always be out there. Parise is good but it's not like we're passing up Crosby here. And he only managed 31 goals this season. He's going to want a king's ransom and it's very likely that he'll be paid more than he's worth. No thanks.
This part was a lot of typing that really didn't say anything new. You went back to focusing on tanking until somehow the Cup becomes not just possible, but "likely" (lol?), and Parise's size instead of his skills and impact. And you keep going on about a Parise-Plekanec-Gionta line as if it would be a) a worse fate than death, and/or b) the only way to deploy the assets that we'll have starting next season.

I'd bet a lot of money the new 1st line would be Parise-Plekanec-Cole (too bad A.Kost isn't still at least an option there) in this scenario. If Gionta can't play beside MaxPac and DD next year, what the hell use is he anyway? $5 million 3rd liner? If that's the case, then either he or DD has to go as well. But let's be clear here: a $7 million dollar Parise (if he even gets more than the $6.66 mil long term that Richards did, in which case you could expect a much shorter term) can be expected to have much more impact than $5 million Gionta (or $7.3 million Gomez) next year, and every year that follows. He's still only 27...

And please, no more of the "we're not giving up on Crosby" hyperbole. There are currently maybe a handful of LWers better than Parise in the league, and I don't think any of them come at an appreciably lower price tag (if at all, since Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Gaborik, and D. Sedin all currently cost as much/more... so that leaves... Neal?). I know you'd just love the opportunity to tank and try to draft a couple, but without a lottery pick every year, there is next to no chance that a better player than Parise comes through our pipeline (especially at LW, which is where one of our most glaring holes currently exists), even after a decade of tanking.

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