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04-10-2012, 05:00 AM
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Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
Emmerton kills penalties. Granted it looks like his PK time's been lowered but he's still out there mostly with Abby I've noticed. That said, Connor needs to be up. Ever since the first shift I saw him play I saw something in him. He just creates opportunities or at the very least makes himself a nightmare for the other team to play against. That's exactly what we need.

The snobbiest fans of all have to be the internet marks who think they know everything, and Emmerton takes way too much grief around here. But he is better on paper than he is on the ice. Not by as much as we think but still. Connor is the opposite. He's better on the ice, infinitely better, than he is on paper. It's not about looking pretty or scaring opponents with resumes. It's about play on the ice. And Nashville should and will be more scared of the Helm/Connor combo than Emmerton/any other bottom six player combo.
Emmerton has been on the penalty kill lately. But when Helm comes back, he is out of the lineup. Abdelkader will be the 4th line center and Helm will eat Cory's PK time.

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