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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
some questions:

who will replace ruotsalainen on hamilton's PP?
Harmon moves up to top pair, the minutes are broken down thusly:

Harvey 5 mins per game, Harmon 4 mins per game, Gerard 3 mins per game, Heller 2 mins per game. Biggest weakness here is that Harmon has to be the triggerman. He finished first in goals once, but is still unimpressive there.

i think forsberg is rogle's best F. which players will check him?

more has been mentioned about hamilton's defense of rogle's F's. what defensive matchups does rogle want? who will peca check? will lidstrom play with forsberg in a 2 way role; with peca in a more defensive role?
Forsberg is Rogle's best forward, and we'll be checking him a lot of the time with the Doan-Keon-Walker line, and the Gerard-Heller pairing. Gerard is probably a top 20 defensive defenseman of all time, and Heller is tough and strong defensively as well, so I feel fine about this top pairing going against the Forsberg line.


which team will have better control of the neutral zone?
As stated earlier, one of my goals, especially against the Stewart line is to control the neutral zone and let them dump and chase against the Harvey and Evans pair. With my fast defensive forwards, I think that there is a strong chance I am able to defend the neutral zone well and control it.


i like the decision to drop ruotsalainen. i don't think he was a great weapon on PP, and his size and defensive play could be a problem. i don't like the idea of evans on top pair, but he should be more effective on the boards and near the net.

i think kevin hatcher could be a similar problem for rogle. hatcher was a risky player who made quite a few mistakes. sort of an earlier jovanovski or phaneuf.
Yeah as I said in the summary thread, I came to be fully disappointed of what I found on Ruotsalainen. He would have only hurt me this series.


i think rogle was right to leave kovalchuk off 1st PP. lidstrom and murphy were both very good on points, and forsberg and stewart should be very dangerous. lidstrom has played most of his career on a PP with a great crease monkey (ciccarelli, holmstrom) and stewart's weaknesses are minimized on PP. i think rogle's 1st PP is one of the best in ATD.

but hamilton should have a strong PK, and even though irvin may have encouraged rough play, i think hamilton probably will not take many penalties.

hamilton's F's could be dangerous on PK, especially against kovalchuk.

rogle's GMs may disagree, but rogle seems to me to be more likely to be penalized.
Yeah I would agree as far as his PP being strong, and his forwards being penalized more. I think there is a good chance my strong PK is going to be able to stop them. Benedict is a strong goaltender, especially come playoff time, plus I think I have the strongest defensive defensemen in this draft, as well as great PKing forwards. Of course Rogle's PP will get on the board eventually, but I don't expect it to be an advantage in this series due to my strong PK. Also, with Kovalchuk out there on the end of PPs I think there is a chance I can put some cheap goals SH. I think special teams will cancel each other out this series, as my PP isn't that strong either.

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