Thread: Speculation: Bobrovsky Sophomore Slump
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04-10-2012, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by dingbathero View Post
Errr... What?

They both come from different countries
Different 'resources'

I think Bob has more talent than Price and is a much better reflex goalie than Price. Bob hasn't played as much and at the same level as Price has at all b/c of the competition levels. I think if Bob would have been 'developed' over here he would be better than he has shown recently (which is still not bad).

Russia is a big hockey market and the KHL is one of the best (if not the best) league behind the NHL and he spent 2 full pro-seasons there.

Not a single team in the NHL wanted to draft him.
He is about the same age as Semyon Varlamov who was growing up in the middle of no man's land as well (even the same province, if I remember it correctly) but who got recognition from the scouts and got drafted in the first round for a reason.

It's probably true that he (Bob) was not developed properly, didn't have access to a personal goaltending coach,... but it's not like the Flyers organization can compensate for those lost years of his development.
I'm pretty sure there may even be more serious talent hidden somewhere in the Caucasian deserts, but we don't have access to those resources.

Anyway, they can either waive him and give him an opportunity to mature with the Phantoms (but most likely he would be claimed and gone for nothing) or trade him to get something in return. He won't beat Bryz for the #1 spot.

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