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03-03-2006, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
That shouldn't be used as an excuse though. There are plenty of other players on the team that have played the PK before. The problem with the PK is coaching, plain and simple. We use such a passive PK that Hitch has repeatedly said that he doesn't care about where our PK is because he had to use too many players in that role. What kind of excuse is that? This is supposedly a defensively strong and defensively oriented team. I see no sort of agressiveness on the defensive side at all.
Who else is there on the team? Richards is decent, but he's only a rookie. Nedved isn't a really a PKer either, but he's forced to play out there. I don't think Knuble is a very good killer either and the same goes for Savage. It's funny that his system gets questioned now when there are injuries and not earlier when the PK was relatively healthy and maintaining an 87% kill rate which is top 5 in the NHL.

I'm also not doubting you here, but I'd like to see a quote from Hitch where he says that.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
We need more than Gagne on the PP. We need some proven finishers. Let's face it. If teams stop Gagne, Forsberg and Knuble, they're gonna win. We have no secondary scoring whatsoever. People can talk about Handzus and the points he has, but he only has something like 8 or 9 goals. That's pathetic. Even Carter and Richards, who both get less ice time than Handzus, have scored more goals. Why not consider giving the kids top 2 line ice time? That's something that might actually work.
I already said that we needed more scoring, one of the reasons that I've been a huge supporter of a possible Doan trade.

Handzus isn't asked to score goals. If you look at the guys he's played with, it's not too surprising to me that he hasn't scored more. Radivojevic and Kapanen aren't exactly great linemates when it comes to scoring goals and neither are Brashear or Savage. I do agree with you about the kids though.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
Brashear is a joke. He makes this organization look bad. And yet there he is getting ice time and doing stupid, stupid, stupid things when he gets ice time. His play alone has cost us games and nobody in the organization cares. Not one player on this team has shown any emotion at all during this streak of horrible play. Oh, we've heard all the talk about how the Flyers need to come together as a team and how they need to stop making the stupid mistakes they're making, but not one player has gotten mad about it and decided to do something. This is probably one of the most talented teams on paper that Clarke has put together. Yet, there isn't a single person on this team who has the balls to get into people's faces, challenge people with regards to their play, or step up on the leadership front and try to be a focal point on the team. It's pathetic.

But, you have to blame the GM and the coach for this mess simply because they've allowed this environment to fester and they've done nothing to try to correct it. I really hope that Clarke decides to strip this team at the trade deadline and rebuild. If we're going to build a team, build it around five players - Umberger, Carter, Richards, Pitkanen, Niittymaki. Those five are untouchable, everyone else can be had.
I've been advocating the benching of Brashear since last summer. You can look at my posts if you want to check, I can't stand the guy and my real problem with Hitch is that this guy gets ice time. This team desperately misses KP on the leadership front and I don't see anyone there right now that can fill the void. I don't blame the GM, if we were healthy, we'd be quite a bit better. However, Hitchcock needs to get things in gear.

And as for your list, I think it's insane that Gagne isn't on it. He might just be the most valuable player on this team, it's clear how much we've missed him the last couple games.

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