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04-10-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I personally love Stubbs. He's intelligent, funny and knows what he's doing out there. I have a feeling that you don't like him because his beliefs might go against yours too often. It happens. It doesn't make him wrong or bad for that reason though.

I've been disappointed by Hickey in the last couple of years especially. Not because of him particularly, but by the topics he chooses and the delivery.
Stubbs knows what he's doing - keeping his job nice and safe and getting buddy-buddy with the players. He's a terrible sports journalist because he doesn't have a shred of integrity left. He spends the better part of a year hitting at the GM, no directly or openly mind you, but by weasel-words and subtle jabs. Boone, that idiot, writes things like "well any passerby on Rue Des Canadiens would know better than the disgraced former GM - it's just a matter of being able to right those many wrongs" and Stubbs prefers to ask if a player is disappointed with how the season played out.

What insight does he offer - ever?

At least Mike Boone is kinda funny and attempts to fake some sort of hockey know-how. Stubbs just likes the "human" aspect of every column and how they feel and shoving asinine trivia in every bit he can "On this day in 1924 Newsy Lalonde and Auriel Joliat shared a Wilensky's sandwich on rye on St-Urbain street"

Why can't you write about the backroom, the player's play, the practices, the things that everyday people don't have the privilege of seeing and hearing. That's what a beat reporter is there for. Not to write some fluff piece about Staubitz when the GENERAL MANAGER OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TEAM IN HOCKEY HISTORY WAS FIRED AFTER A TERRIBLE SEASON. A GM, no matter how disgraced, should merit some sort of post-mortem, no?

If there's anything I actually liked about Gauthier it was the manner in which he treated the pigs in the media. Dave Stubbs and Francois Gagnon are first on my no-media-contact list when I'm VP-Communications of the Canadiens. Rats.

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