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04-10-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
First, the player/agent and the GM do not necessarily have to be able to negotiate for the GM to offer a contract. Of course, why the hell would a GM offer a $9m/yr contract to a guy who, while he has looked outstanding, has played all of nine regular season games in the NHL since 2008?

Second, if this truly was a rumor started by his Russian agent then it is clearly a move attempting to get a huge offer from a KHL team. I would like to once again state that Russia posters who would know better than us have already told us that KHL contracts are absolutely not tax-free.

FWIW, I quickly searched to see if I could compare tax rates in the United States to Russia. It looks like the high-end tax rates would be pretty similar in both countries. I don't really have time to try to teach myself anything about Russia Tax Code today, so I could be wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if the $36m figure is accurate, but the 4yr figure is not.
It's time that we stop being naive about things like "hometown discounts" and players not being willing\wanting to play elsewhere. When Rads returned, there was a lot of talk about signing him to a 3 year "prove it" contract for the area of 4 million per. That was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. There's no incentive for him to sign such a contract, not when he could go back to the KHL and make 6 or 7 million per.

Radulov believes(rightly, IMO) that he's a top tier offensive player. Maybe not Malkin, but certainly at the level of a player like Kane, Nash, Getzlaf, etc. The going rate for a player like that is 6-7.5 million. That's likely his fair value. Does that involve rolling the dice that he'll be able to live up to that contract over a full season? Sure, but the Predators aren't in the drivers seat.

Just like signing Pekka meant giving him a deal that was about 2 years too long and a million dollars too's what it took to get him to forego the open market. It'll take a similar gesture to get Radulov to forget going home, once and for all.


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