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04-10-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Giglio NYR15 View Post
I think the logic points to the rangers and anyone who keeps saying whale is ridiculous. Based on the simple fact, why would they burn a year of his elc for a few games with the Whale. Also if he was going to the whale, couldnt he just sign an ATO? and then actually sign with the rangers in june/july to start his career at training camp. Either way, its pretty obvious he is coming to broadway, either this week or september, but to burn a year off for the whale is pretty dumb.

but thats exactly why sending him to the whale potentially makes sense if he isn't going to get quality minutes in ny. you send him there on a ATO with the nyr contract kicking in next year and you don't burn the year. But you have to make that decision before he is added to the rangers roster. you can't add him to the rangers and then decide next week he's not ready send him down, the year will already be burned.

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