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04-10-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Nordique View Post
Good point. Howson gambled on Mason, he had too so he could focus resources on other roster positions. The gamble failed. Should you fire Howson because of it? No.

IMO, you only replace Howson if you've got a guy lined up you can honestly say is better. But lets make sure we understand first why this team was so bad this year, and what Howson did to contribute to that failure. If his moves were faulty or foolish, and we have guy lined we know won't make those mistakes, then replace him.

My personal hunch is that we don't have a better option.
The only way you line a guy up is by firing the one you have an interviewing people.

There are a slew of qualified people. They've been discussed here many times.

The relevant period here isn't just this year. Howson made the same Mason gamble after Hitchcock's it wasn't as if there wasn't some track record of Mason's issues. To not at least get a "1B" type goalie this past off-season was a glaring mistake. But it was hardly the only one. Until the injury to Huselius Howson was quite content to roll with his forward group as-is. And, let's not forget the gaping holes on defense.

How did a roster that made the playoffs 3 years ago get to a point that it needed to have 50% of its defense replaced (and I'd argue more), 100% of its goaltending replaced and still lacked the offensive firepower to compete (finishing dead last in our division each of those three years)? There was only one GM during that time, so I think we know the answer.

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