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04-10-2012, 11:37 AM
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My problem with Gainey is that he was seen as this great Habs leader coming in and he never tried to be that, he never tried to make the Habs the best team in the NHL. All he did was being a problem solver. He has not a man of vision that thinks at might happen in the next ten years or a big deal kind of guy to put us over. Nothing was more an evidence to that with the summer of 2010 shake-up. He thought alright our guys don't work, let's hire 10 more guys. Problem solved. But it did not make use that much better. And if he would have pulled back and think "you know all I see outthere as UFA is average guys, let's rebuild for a couple of years".

In a way Bob was the equivalent as a GM what he was as a captain of the Habs. While he was good captain, he was a hard worker and as a quiet guy, when the ship was going in a bad direction, he would say something in the room to the other players. But there was nothing else to it. He thought and acted like a very efficiant plummer. Compared to a Jean Beliveau who was a big time captain who could show what it should be done by putting his team to another level on the ice. A man who was a captain 365 day in a year, going all throughout the World signing autographs, responding to people via letters, the image of grace and wisdom. Gros Bill was a superman on the ice and ourside the ice when the Habs were a Superman of hockey team. In the last 9 years, the Habs org suffered from being in the image of Bob, quiet, anti-social, almost run like the Maffia as for as the silent treatment. Bob was Markov-level as far as not wanting to respond to the press back when he was a player.

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