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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
No, I'm pointing out there is ZERO, reason to put the faith in his drafting that you seem to be putting. None. Responsible or not, either way he hasn't drafted a superstar in his entire time as a hockey executive. Got it?
This is just ridiculous. Edmonton had to draft a superstar even though NO stars were selected all those years after the Oilers 1st round pick? Howson had to find something that didn't exist? There's only 5-6 real superstars total in the NHL and off course Houson had to find one in 2002-06 for Edmonton.
Edmonton's drafting was terrible for a long time before Howson even became GM assistant. The highest pick Edmonton had all those years (2002-06) was 14th! All the superstars were waiting for Edmonton to pick them up? Can you make a little research and find a SINGLE superstar that was drafted after Edmonton's 1st round picks?!!!

Given that Howson didn't draft Chris Pronger, it is not relevant to a discussion of his drafting ability...which is the sole defense left for this pathetic GM. That somehow his drafting acumen will save us all.
I used to the fact you pointing out only at something that makes Howson look worse and don't notice some other facts... like taking the Oil to the Cup finals.

Nice cherry picking. I love how you ignored Phil Kessel, Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand...all drafted in Chiarelli's first draft with the team! And then you ignored the year with Seguin (whom Kessel was traded for, essentially) as well! Just brilliant manipulation of reality to fit your fantasy world. Has Scott Howson drafted 4 players who have performed to that level to date?

The 3 players from Chiarelli's first draft that played more than 5 NHL games have 636 NHL points! Kind of makes Howson's 258 points from 7 players look weak, eh?
Jeez. Get your facts straight at once. You're still twisting the facts. Boston's 2006 draft was a result of the previous management work. Chiarelli officially took his GM position in Boston on July 8, 2006, after the draft!!! He was named a new GM in May and obviously had no relation to all the work Bruins scouting has done during that year. After that the Boston drafting became disaster and Chiarelli is obvious reason for that.
And I have no idea what to say about giving Chiarelli credit for Seguin pick... That's just as ridiculous as blaming Howson for poor Edmonton's drafts. If you're talking about the trade - Chiarelli was good at it, but even he couldn't know that Toronto's pick would be 2nd overall. If you're talking about the draft ability - even my grandma would have picked Seguin 2nd overall.

You obviously can't accept the fact that for 3 years in a row Blue Jackets drafting was head and shoulders better than Boston's. Cause that doesn't support your position. Keep twisting the fact and bring in lies.

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