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Originally Posted by bizoncol View Post
This is just ridiculous. Edmonton had to draft a superstar even though NO stars were selected all those years after the Oilers 1st round pick? Howson had to find something that didn't exist? There's only 5-6 real superstars total in the NHL and off course Houson had to find one in 2002-06 for Edmonton.
Edmonton's drafting was terrible for a long time before Howson even became GM assistant. The highest pick Edmonton had all those years (2002-06) was 14th! All the superstars were waiting for Edmonton to pick them up? Can you make a little research and find a SINGLE superstar that was drafted after Edmonton's 1st round picks?!!!
Poor Howson! There's just never been a single difference-making player available when he drafts! Edmonton could not have used a goalie like Cam Ward. Forwards like Corey Perry or Mike Richards. Travis Zajac or Mike Green. Forwards like Paul Stastny and Milan Lucic. Nope, every time the poor, hapless Oilers came up in the draft those years, there was no one left to take.

You obviously can't accept the fact that for 3 years in a row Blue Jackets drafting was head and shoulders better than Boston's. Cause that doesn't support your position.
And I just showed you why your whole argument is flawed. There was nothing special about the Jackets drafting in those years...the Bruins just sucked. And they could get away with it because they had a stellar draft in 2006. Not to mention that teh Bruins play in a big market and as such have an advantage when it comes to free agency. So again, your point is what exactly about Howson's drafting?

Show me some stats comparing him to all 30 NHL teams during the last 5 years. That's the relevant pool and the relevant period. Not some cherry picked crap about 3 years and one other team in the league.

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