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Originally Posted by wadesworld View Post
The few times I've heard the 3HL crew try to discuss the Predators, it's been laughably bad. Their interviews are OK, but when they start trying to discuss, it's clear they don't really watch the Preds or hockey.

Personally, I'm grateful. Clay Travis is a first-class @#$#$# and I don't want him anywhere near the Preds. I do like Blaine, but unfortunately, you can't get just one.

I have XM radio, so I listen to NHL Home Ice most days. Obviously they spend a lot of time talking about teams other than the Preds, but it's still hockey talk, so it's fine with me. I'd much rather hear that than a discussion of the latest LA/Miami basketball game.
102.5 interviews Trotz every Wed at 7:30am. It is over this season but it is always fun to listen to. They also have time with Weber the broadcaster in the morning a couple of times a week.
104.5 They usually talk about the Preds first thing in the Morning. Frank and Mark are both very much into the Preds and it is funny listening to Frank playing the devils advocate.
Today they talked about the Preds a ton on 104.5.
The 3HL really does not talk about anything a lot. They usually just run off of what each other says. Clay Travis thinks hockey is boring. He still has the i think i am in college and is in a love/hate relationship with the Vols.
If he went to a playoff game i think his view of the Preds would be night and day the next afternoon. I cannot count how many people i have converted into Preds/Hockey fans by simply taking them to a game.

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