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04-10-2012, 12:04 PM
jacks johnson
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Personally, I'm ok with Howson sticking around, I think that with Patrick as a mentor, they seem to be making pretty good decisions of late. I also think most of the blame falls on Mcconnell for having no other hockey people in place except for a young gm, that is learning on the job. I definately want priest canned, especially if he was responsible for making Howson go out and trade for Carter, but also for the fact that the guy has no business being the president of the bluejackets. Like we are seeing with Patrick brought on board, the more competent minds, the better. How many times in our personal life did we have an opinion that we were set on, then after discussing it further with people that also have experience, our views may change. Howson did not have this until the middle part of last season. I also think we need to remember that when there is a culture of losing, its hard to get a new mindset, other than replacing everyone. Clearly there were some players that may have had skill, but didnt play hard. The players deserve alot of blame for this season. Hitch is a good coach, I personally dont like his style of Hockey, but St Louis with mostly the same players under Davis payne, turned into world beaters when hitch was brought in. Now I know he is a good coach, but how much had to do with the players not playing to their potential under Payne ?

For the first time, I feel we are really doing the necessary things it takes to build a sucessful franchise. Building from the goalie, and D, out. I'm also glad that we appear to be moving Nash. How did I know that when he actually applies himself, he scores like 3 goals in the final 2 games to get to 30 goals for the season. He can be amazing when he actually tries. I would rather see a team built around guys that bring it every night, and play with the energy of a Dorsett, or Atkinson, or a Jack Johnson. Especially when Nash is tying up 8 mill in payroll.

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