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Originally Posted by Petro Points View Post
dont need a top 5 pick for those 2. Hopefully Tambo swings a deal with WSH if one of these 2 are around by COL's pick (#11).
You'd have to make the trade before the draft. If they get that far, the value of the pick becomes too high.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
The chances of us having a shot at Yakupov are too remote to talk about right now.

We could cross that bridge if/when it happens.

Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
Stauffer floated this idea a few week ago...would you guys do a Johansen for 2nd overall trade with CBJ?

I would
Maybe, i guess let stu make the call.

Originally Posted by JSC View Post
Hey guys, when do you think they actually reveal the order? I know they do their usual build up and everything, so I'm thinking 6:20 ish?
Don't you want to hear bob's top10 anyway?

Originally Posted by Uindicator View Post
Oilers select Grigs even with the first. Yakupov would be nice but we have that in Hallsy already, and I don't see him meshing in with the team honestly. Grigs seems more humble and more of a team player and his skillset ala Thornton/Malkin doesn't grow on trees. You look at the Championship teams now they have the 1-2 elite center combo and I think with RNH-Grigs you have that for years to come.
We just need a competent GM and Coach
I'm not really loving the idea of getting Yakupov either but if hes that good you have to take him. Or work out some elaborate trade strategy.

You could move Hall to center.

Originally Posted by dem View Post

That is a really bad quote.

"I excel against soft teams"

Originally Posted by Summary View Post
Tradin Gagner, Whitney and our 2nd rounder for "a fairly good pick" is a trade you only do if your goal is to build a bad hockey team.

You're overestimating youth and potential in the idea that any good prospect will simply replace established NHLers along with the dream that gambling with a draft pick will net you a better player. The reason this seems like a good idea is because it's funner to hope for the future success of a player than see the reality of what they turn into.

But hope and potential doesn't win hockey games.
Way too much to give up. I might consider moving either of those two, without the pick though.

Originally Posted by HallsgotTigerBlood View Post
I wonder if hall and yakupov could play on the same line. They both love taking the puck on the rush. Anyone else think this could cause trouble. Of course they don't have to be on the same line.
I don't see it as a problem, and yeah they wouldn't necessarily be on the same line.

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