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04-10-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozen Failure View Post
Pros (of varying impact) to Joe's Tenure:
- Barch traded
- Prospect pool is now a pool rather than a puddle
- Did I mention Barch traded?
- Spent Richards' salary appropriately after he left for UFA.
- Let a lot of filler leave via UFA; replaced with better more expensive filler
- Didn't trade a 1st rounder away!
- Made some solid minor trades (Brunnstrom, Roman out)
- Let Turco and Modano walk after they had checked out
- Again, he traded Krys Barch.
- Kari Lehtonen, baby!
- Didn't rush a prospect in his entire tenure.
- Sensibly sent Raycroft packing and gave Bachman a chance to hack it.
- And finally, Wizard Prince of Swedes, Loui Eriksson extended at superb dollar and term.
He first re-signed Barch in the off-season of 2010 when he didn't have to . He also re-signed Brunnstrom after he took us through arbitration . Both trades didn't need to be made.

Negatives (of varying impact):
- Goligoski for Neal and Niskanen (imo)
- Gave up assets for Jamie !%^&ing Suckenbrunner
- Extended Robidas for 4 years!
- Extended Goligoski for huge money and 4 years!
- Not selling this year after trading Grossmannnnnnnnnn for two picks indicative that they were trying to obtain more young talent.
- Failing to be hands on enough to call up enough younger players to supplement ailing talent (Morrow, Ott, Ribeiro, etc)
- Burned a year on Reilly Smith's ELC for 3 games and 2 weeks.
- Hasn't retired Lehtinen or Modano's # yet
- He gave up a 3rd rounder for Langs, which could've been a 2nd if he'd re-signed him or we'd made the playoffs. ASSETS? Nah!

-He had to keep Goligoski. A team with 3 years (now 4) out of playoffs has less leverage in negotiating.

- He tried getting Saad for Grossmann from Chicago. They refused. He asked for Hodgson for Ott, Van offered only Raymond. He couldn't do anything about Morrow (LTIR and playing horribly) or Robidas (not playing well), both of whom were also under NTCs. You can't just blindly give away players for nothing when you are competing. Actually, to the contrary, I wanted him to add around the deadline.

- As if retiring Mo's and Lehts' jersey numbers was very imperative? They can wait.

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