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04-10-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
While all opinions are "valid", I think the one you expressed right there is ludicrous. Of course he would.
I don't agree. We'd add him and then we'd try to patch holes on the back end. Sure he makes us better, but it doesn't matter because we still wouldn't be good enough to win a cup. So we spin our wheels with him over the next few years and then try to win with him in his 30s.

We're better off developing the team for the next couple of years and THEN adding a guy like this.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
He's not only VERY talented, he's strong in all 3 zones (unlike EVERY LWer we have, except maybe Max... maybe) and one of the best LWers in the game. Of course he'd get us closer, even if the only change from this year was dumping Gomez (and his contract) and adding Parise.
Making us better is not the same thing as getting us closer to a cup. If I use a more extreme example, if Columbus adds Datsyuk are they closer to a cup? No. Why? Because they aren't going to win the cup now but would spend the window of the next few years trying to win it anyway before Datsyuk becomes over the hill.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Wanting to add younger players is fine and all, but Price is going to be 25 starting next season. How long do you figure management is really going to slow down the rebuild with him coming into his prime?? Your philosophy may be sound in a vacuum, but there are numerous situations in the NHL currently (including our own) which simply preclude the possibility of such an approach, whether you like it or not.
I've watched the team make all kinds of stupid moves over the years. They've made those moves whether I liked it or not. I'm used to it.

As for Price being 25... well, that's what I said three years ago right? I said Price would be 25 around now and signing all those other guys would just be a mess. And it turned out EXACTLY as I said it would only worse. We're a mess now and have Price coming into his prime. I don't want it to happen again.

For Cripes sake man, at what point do we show some patience? We've got a high pick this year and we might get another one next year. Just give it a year or two. THEN make these kinds of moves. Not now, when our team is a mess.

We have no idea what's happening with Markov. We've got old man Cole who was one of our best players this year. We've got holes on D and smurfs up front. There's no NEED to do this now.

BTW, whether you like it or not... Parise isn't coming here. So if the club is going to pursue the path you're suggesting you should be scared. Because we'll have to go after the leftover FAs like Ollie Jokinen to build with. That's usually the way it works out for us. We miss out on the best UFAs and settle for Gionta, Samsonov or whatever other FAs are left over.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
You're speculating as to the term it would require, and who holds anyone to career scoring highs when they join the Habs anyway? 30 goals and 70 points is more than respectable for someone who sat out almost the entire previous season. That's your cue to bring up concerns about injuries or whatever, but realize that he came back and played every game this year, finishing top 25 in league scoring (top 20 in goals).

No, we brought in Cammy expecting him to be one of our leading goal scorers and someone who was supposed to have chemistry with the other two major FA additions at the time. Under-sized and one-dimensional though, so no surprise that he disappointed in other zones without the distraction of abundant goal scoring. Anyone who expected him to come and score 40 goals simply hasn't been watching the Habs very long, as the last person to do that was Damphousse in one of the highest league scoring years ever. Heck, Cammy never even actually got to the 40 goal mark, so I don't know what you're talking about there, unless you're referring me back to the opinions/projections from certain clueless and unrealistic posters of the time. I ignored them then, I'll ignore them now.

Anyway, I can't even believe that the calibre, skill, and style differences between Parise and Cammy have escaped you to the point of expecting "nothing different" (or, rather, "much the same").
As I said, Parise is a better player. But I think the results will be the same. He won't take us anywhere. Sorry.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Maybe you missed it, but the Rangers had Gaborik in '09/10, he scored over 40 goals, and they missed the playoffs. Richards was the only major addition this year (compare the top 10 or 12 scorers from this year vs last year, and you'll see), and they finished 1st in the conference. As far as their "youth getting them where they are"... well, we have plenty of quality youth just waiting for the same opportunity to chip in behind "true" top line players, instead of being asked to carry the team from the top (like MaxPac, Subban, and Price have been).
Like I said, there's more than one way to do it. I just don't subscribe to the philosophy of building via stupid contracts.

Every year that club reloads. Like I said, it's Richards this year and next year it will probably be Crosby. Personally I think they've played over their heads and Lundqvist has reached a whole new level of awesome.

As I said, maybe it works for them. I personally wouldn't build my team via FAs but that's the method they're going. If any team can do it that way it's NY. They can actually attract the best FAs every year. And again, you'd think they'd have won a ton of cups with the FAs they consistently attract but it hasn't happened.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
This part was a lot of typing that really didn't say anything new. You went back to focusing on tanking until somehow the Cup becomes not just possible, but "likely" (lol?), and Parise's size instead of his skills and impact. And you keep going on about a Parise-Plekanec-Gionta line as if it would be a) a worse fate than death, and/or b) the only way to deploy the assets that we'll have starting next season.

I'd bet a lot of money the new 1st line would be Parise-Plekanec-Cole (too bad A.Kost isn't still at least an option there) in this scenario. If Gionta can't play beside MaxPac and DD next year, what the hell use is he anyway? $5 million 3rd liner? If that's the case, then either he or DD has to go as well. But let's be clear here: a $7 million dollar Parise (if he even gets more than the $6.66 mil long term that Richards did, in which case you could expect a much shorter term) can be expected to have much more impact than $5 million Gionta (or $7.3 million Gomez) next year, and every year that follows. He's still only 27...

And please, no more of the "we're not giving up on Crosby" hyperbole. There are currently maybe a handful of LWers better than Parise in the league, and I don't think any of them come at an appreciably lower price tag (if at all, since Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Gaborik, and D. Sedin all currently cost as much/more... so that leaves... Neal?). I know you'd just love the opportunity to tank and try to draft a couple, but without a lottery pick every year, there is next to no chance that a better player than Parise comes through our pipeline (especially at LW, which is where one of our most glaring holes currently exists), even after a decade of tanking.
I don't think Parise is as good as you do man. And I think adding him to our team now does nothing from getting to the cup. I've explained why. If you want to disagree that's cool. I think we're better off just showing patience with the draft (something we've never been willing to do) and build that way.
Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Like the old saying goes: "There are other fish in the sea". Just not this year. The next tide of free agency will surely yield a deeper crop of highly desirable free agent forwards. Patience is a virtue in this case.
I think so. Don't know why everyone is so opposed.
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
as I stated earlier, Parise matched his career best goals/game pace through the final 61 games of the season, and was just below a ppg pace.

his play, and more importantly, his physical abilities, show no sign of any significant limitation due to the injury.

he had a very slow 21 game start to the season. Anyone who understands the realities of playing sports at a professional level, could certainly appreciate that after missing the bulk of the previous season to injury, a short "getting up to speed" period is almost inevitable.

Physical readiness is one thing, getting the right timing/sharpness is another. Few athletes can miss so much time without some sort of re-adaptation period.

he's 27, he has many more years of "his best hockey" left, to state otherwise is nonesense and reveals serious flaws in the pseudo-facts behind this line of thinking.
I don't trust him. Sorry I don't. We'll see how many points he puts up when the Rangers sign him in the offseason I guess. I expect that his contract will be long and stupid and he'll be a 30 goal 70 point player for the next few years. I could be completely wrong but it won't surprise me at all if this is the case.

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