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04-10-2012, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by The n00b King View Post
The "if you don't like it, don't read it" argument is so weak. It's the kind of argument you bring out when you know you're losing the argument.

Anyways, I get ya Whiskers. It was definitely a fluff article. But I'm guessing that the journalists are backing off a bit, just to let things cool down. We'll probably (hopefully) get more in depth analysis of the season as the summer moves forward and these guys ran out of fluff pieces to write about.
I'm not asking for the moon here, out of (the presumably) 100+ columns written between the hockey desk at the Gazette HQ, I want to see, say FIVE, that offer any on-ice hockey analysis OR reasonable pro-active insight into some previous moves/alternate moves/future moves. In the world of twitter, google news and hfboards we don't need David Stubbs repeating thirty times that Cammy was "bizarrely traded after the 2nd period", we saw it live, tweeted it, etc. Give something, anything substantial. Some prospect analysis.

Hell, I betcha they didn't even know the top 30 skaters overall and still won't until after the draft.

I'm bored to death by these old-media *******s who have so much sway in the league because they're contrasted against bigger, louder morons like Eklund. At least Eklund has a hockey opinion that sticks to the on-ice product and not some inane human detail about how they're all people with families. We, ****ing, get, it.

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