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04-10-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
Most players generally have peak seasons(assuming they don't become injury prone) between 25-30 so as more Islanders get close to that point in theory they should improve a bit
But it's still placing a high percentage of your hope that all the Isles' core guys will improve just because they're a year older. With a guy like Tavares, who has shown marked improvement each year, that's one thing. With other guys, who haven't really shown much growth (and in Grabner's case, major regression), is where I think it's more wishful thinking than based on actual evidence.

But overall, I think Snow's plan is foolhardy to believe his team will improve just by the development of his draft picks, without adding significant pieces from outside the draft. No team that has won the Cup has had their core entirely made up of drafted players. Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston, Anaheim, etc., all of those teams had core guys who were big parts of their Cup win who weren't drafted by the team. Yet Snow's going to buck that trend and win with his entire team built through the draft, with only the occasional over the hill vet like Pandolfo or Rolston sprinkled in the 3rd or 4th line?

They actually finished 4th worst last year and lost the draft lottery to pick 5th
Yeah, I edited my post after I remembered the Devils won the lottery and jumped ahead of the Isles in the draft. The general point remains, however; the Isles are one year older, but their place in the league standings didn't improve.

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