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04-10-2012, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The problem here is that Stubbs & Co. [I'm setting aside the French media for this rant] are FEEDING THE MASSES THIS DISINFORMATION. All season they peddle this ****, and NEVER, EVER tackle the hard questions. I used to be a huge member on HabsInsideOut (under a different name) and I just got sick of the Gazette for their bland, insightless hockey reporting.

Hell I'd rather read Whitesnake's crazy wall-of-text rants than another Stubbs article. Double hell, I'd rather read LafleursGuy and MathMan bring up super-specific numbers/dates/facts to back up their arguments, at least they bring arguments to the table!!

The overzealous and highly critical fans would be way less overzealous to the players if they had some actual hockey to observe and not see 5 random skaters in Red jerseys give up the neutral zone after giving the puck away. Tactics! Xs and Os, analyze what went wrong with some goal, what went right, why a ref might've not called something because he missed an earlier call.

These guys are supposed to be professional sports journalists, beat reporters who live and breathe this sport. I can come up with sound arguments defending every single move Gauthier/Gainey made - and sound arguments attacking those same moves. Stubbs and his goons can't muster up one original thought or inference over an entire ********* season.

"The bizarre story of the 2011-2012 Montreal Canadiens took another turn as Owner and President Geoff Molson unceremoniously fired BLAH BLAH BLAH" Who gives a ****.
I agree with you 100%. All I'm saying is now is not the right time to complain about it. The season is over, there's no coach or GM to talk to even if they wanted to explore issues deeper.

But yeah, generally, I fully agree. I'm getting the feeling that they're scared to burn bridges with the organization after what happened with guys like Rejean Tremblay. That's a lazy excuse, and they should definitely try to get some factual analysis in their articles.

The only thing is, we don't know who asks for what article. Maybe Stubbs & co. have full editorial power and just are being lazy ***** about it. Or maybe, the Sports Editor at the Gazette is a hack who only wants simple, fluff pieces that are easy to read and don't add fuel to the fire. You also have to remember that we're on this site because we have love for hockey, and generally more knowledge than the normal person. Habs fans are known to be knowledgeable, but a big amount are also dumbasses. They don't wanna read about X's and O's, about defensive zone breakouts and forecheck tactics as bad as we do. They wanna read about their favourite players and what make them so great. So the Gazette has to cater to its audience. But as you noted, that does not excuse the fact that they NEVER go in deep on any subject, and forget any sort of opinionated analysis.

EDIT: Gorges is an awesome guy.

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