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04-10-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennrocks View Post
When the Grossmanns of the world are getting 3.5 over 4 years goligoski surely deserves 4.6
Well how's this... Bieksa makes 4.6 next year. Coburn makes 4.5. Pitkanen makes 4.5. Tyutin makes 4.5. These guys are all 2-3 types. Capable of handling pretty much every forward who comes their way and contributes enough offensively to play PP minutes.

Goligoski is arguably not quite as good as Bieksa, Coburn, Pitkanen, Tyutin, Hamhuis, etc. This is where I think Goligoski is somewhat overpaid in comparison to other players. He's not the best at defending, his offense isn't much to really write home about except that it is above average, and he does indeed suck under pressure.

This is Grossmann's prime-years contract. It's not a bad deal. If an average D-man makes 3, 3.5 for Grossmann's extra size, excellent positioning (blockin' shots to piss off Razor!) and solid first pass is worth it. There's always injury concerns with him, lately, though. But that comes with the territory. Comparables are Hjalmarsson, Boychuk, Scuderi. (all make about 3.5)

imo, Daley's deal is the best of pretty much every D-man out there. 3.3 for a guy who can skate, defend, pass, shoot (sometimes) and play a team game? Pretty much perfect, which is why Dillon is going to be awesome, because he is a bigger Daley with better tools.

No, Alex Goligoski does NOT deserve 4.6 million dollars per year to play 3-4-5 minutes unless he shows massive improvements in his defensive game and ability to move the puck. Of course, he could have just been injured this year. And the power play? I'm not going to hold that against him. That's all on the coaching staff. If he can put up 45 points and turn our power play around to be a top 10-15 unit when Gully figures out a better strategy, great, I'll shut up and eat a hat. Until then, he has not quite proven to me personally that he should be getting the money he has signed for.

E: I wouldn't say he's grossly overpaid, but I do feel that his contract is a bit... generous. Probably closer to .75 to 1 million overpaid.

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