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04-10-2012, 03:50 PM
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Hmmm some interesting a tough matchups this year. If I was to take a stab at it.......I would predict the following.

Canucks v. Kings - Kings in 7. Size depth and quick will keep LA in it
Blues v. Sharks - Sharks in 5 with size, depth and experience
Yotes v. Hawks - Hawks in 6 with overwhelming firepower
Preds v. Detroit - Preds in 6 with a huge upset, solid D and grinding it out

Rangers V. Sens - Rangers in 6 (sorry sens..even though I want you to win)
Bruins V. Caps - Caps in 6...bruins O falls off, Timmy cant get the job done and Ovi comes through
Panters V. Devils - Devils in 4. Kov is just to much for Florida who is coming in ice cold
Pengs V. Flyers - Flyers in 7 ........ will hopefully live up to the hype and be a competitive series.

LA vs Sharks - LA in 6 and will get revenge as karma will get Clowe
Hawks vs Preds - Preds in 5 .. Hawks Goaltending will faulter and the Preds will be too strong defencively for the Hawks to fly away with it

Rangers V. Caps - Rangers in 5..Caps will choke as per usual and the Rangers will physically dominate the Caps.
Devils V. Flyers - Flyers in 7

LA vs Preds - LA in 5 - Preds Off. falls off as Radulov decides to head back to Russia on vacation.

Rangers v. Flyers - Flyers in 6- Torts continues to rally against evil crosby and malkin and loses focus on the series.

LA V. Flyers - Flyers take the cup in 5. Jagr has a huge break out and makes LA's hollywood ending look like the sinking of the titanic

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