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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
more has been mentioned about hamilton's defense of rogle's F's. what defensive matchups does rogle want? who will peca check? will lidstrom play with forsberg in a 2 way role; with peca in a more defensive role?
To be perfectly honest, Hamilton doesn't really have an offensive line that's worth being scared of. The Krutov-Gilmour-Middleton line is probably their best, but it really lacks an offensive punch. The Tkachuk-Roenick-Amonte line can also score, and it looks like they'd be pretty easy to shut down if needed. Those are the two lines that we'l try to get Leswick-Peca-Pierson out against, but we won't be in a panic to make it happen.

The Peca line has 2 other jobs that are worth mentioning. First, that line will be taking a lot of defensive zone face-offs - often with Sullivan in Pierson's place. Peca is an excellent face-off man, so he'll win a lot of them. Add Sullivan into the mix, and that allows Peca to really cheat on his draws, which makes him even more likely to win. With Leswick and Sullivan on the boads, we'll be able to conistently get pucks chipped out of our end, and hopefully, get it deep for a change.

Second, the Peca-Lesweck combination will be used as sort of an energy line.

which team will have better control of the neutral zone?
Probably pretty close to even. Hamilton has better forwards there, but Rogle has better defensemen there.

Rogle's game plan isn't to mess around in neutral ice anyway. We'll be pounding through as fas as possible. If we can't carry, we'll chip or dump and chase.

i think kevin hatcher could be a similar problem for rogle. hatcher was a risky player who made quite a few mistakes. sort of an earlier jovanovski or phaneuf.
Yes, Hatcher makes the occasional blunder. He's also a completely dominant force between those mistakes. You can focus on the negatives if you like, but the fact is that, despite those negatives, Hatcher is a pretty beastly player.

He would be Hamilton's #3 defenseman (yes, I think he's better than Heller), so I'm quite happy to have him on my 3rd pairing.

i think rogle was right to leave kovalchuk off 1st PP. lidstrom and murphy were both very good on points, and forsberg and stewart should be very dangerous. lidstrom has played most of his career on a PP with a great crease monkey (ciccarelli, holmstrom) and stewart's weaknesses are minimized on PP. i think rogle's 1st PP is one of the best in ATD.
Kovalchuk isn't off the 1st PP. He's with Lidstrom for that first half, and sometimes with Murphy on the second half too.

Just like Hatcher, Kovalchuk has his warts, but he's also got things that he does really well. One-timing pucks is one of the things he does really well.... probably among the very best of all time. The guy is an ace on the point. Sure he might turn a puck over.

Kovalchuk might cause a few short-handed goals, but he'll also score 20 PP goals from the blueline. If you'd rather have a guy who scores 5 goals, but gives up none, that's you're call. I'll take the impact player.

Most of Kovalchuk's turn-overs come from him trying to carry the puck through too many people on a rush. They don't often come from him one-timing a puck from the point. Lidstrom is QBing the powerplay, which means the puck won't be on Kovalchuk's stick much, which will limit his turn-overs even more.

but hamilton should have a strong PK, and even though irvin may have encouraged rough play, i think hamilton probably will not take many penalties.
Hamilton has very strong PK forwards, but average PK defensemen.

Agreed that Rogle will take more penalties, but not by a significant amount. In my opinion, most penalties come from three things: speeed disadvantage, over-aggression, and getting tired.

Rogle is going to get most penalties from being aggressive. Hamilton will get most of their penalties from getting tired.

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