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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
The team was shutout twice and scored a single goal in one of the other losses it wasnt hanks fault

Last year I'm pretty sure they got shutout again and only scored 1 goal in two other games. It's not on Hank. mike sucks the biggest of beach balls when it comes to hockey
Selective memory???

Henrik gave up two goals on 6 shots in the 1st period -- one a SHG by super sniper Matt Bradley.

The 2nd goal, Bradley scored from behind the goal line on a terrible terrible goal.

The 3rd goal, Henrik was two feet behind the goal line on semin's goal off the faceoff.

3 goals on 8 shots -- how is that the offenses fault?

Game 6 was a disaster -- Caps scored 3 goals on 9 shots in the 1st.

It was 4-1 just midway through the 2nd. The Rangers actually tied the game 1-1. He never gave the offense a chance.

Game 7 -- he had a 1-0 lead.....the 1-1 goal was a soft goal. Flukey, bouncey anything you call it -- he still should have stopped it.

The Federov winner was a stoppable shot, especially from the angle it was shot from.

Sorry, but Henrik was just as bad as the offense in that series.

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