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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You can't have it both ways buddy.
So, we accidentally led the conference because other teams suffered injuries, but then you don't mention our struggles with injuries during the years we ''limped'' our way into the POs??
If you're going to mention injuries to other teams, then you should also note our huge struggles with them during the other years too.
And I'm not suggesting we were great under Gainey. We were pretty mediocre. I don't think he was the worst GM, nor do I think he was a good one.

Also, we didn't finish 15th this year because of Gainey. That's all on Gauthier. He opted to come into this season without a backup plan for Markov. He decided to go in with young rookies. He opted to re-sign Gill, instead of focusing on better depth.
When the struggles began, he failed to adapt appropriately. Firing Pearn was a pathetic move. Firing Martin perhaps could have worked except he opted to go with RC, a very unprepared coach. That proved to be the killing of our season. Then he traded for Kaberle after we learned Markov would be out for longer. We were told that would fix the PP, it didn't. Failed to bring in a PP shooter. Traded Cammy for another problem player (despite knowing the fact Mtl simply doesn't do well with problem players. Matter of fact, we have a history of trading them only to see them perform better elsewhere). Traded AK for a 2nd.

Sorry, but no, Gainey is not the reason we failed this year. It's all on Gauthier and his decisions.
True....but then when you go further, you realize that the Gomez deal that did include McDonagh did NOT solidify our D, which would have been better with McDo, and we had to go with other possibilities since Gomez wasn't doing it. Gionta wasn't exactly stellar prior to his injury either. We had to deal Cammy 'cause he wasn't bringing it. All those picks given for 1/2 year of players didn't permit our KEY guy in Timmins to work his magic and who knows, that might have been more help in the actual lineup. All these players given for nothing or close to etc....At one point, you deplete a lineup, you are going to have a miserable year.....and here it is.

Yes, Gauthier was awful. I will NEVER blame him for signing Markov, I would have to. But I would have make DAMN sure that my D would be better if the goal was to be a better team. And he didn't do it. And a couple of other things but mostly this improvisation that took place this year that was NOT what the Montreal Canadiens were all about. But Gainey has to be held accountable. To think that Gauthier ended up destroying legacy in 2 years and that he's the only responsible is pretty strange to say the least.

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