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11-19-2003, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
Lets compare Aebischer this with Turco last year. Both this year Colorado team and last year's Dallas team are stacked teams with Cup expectations. Turco had a regular season gaa of like 1.70. He was a Vezina finalist. In the playoffs he was best. Dallas took a $60m team into the playoffs and left it in the hands of a $500k goalie.
They got what they deserved...bounced. This year Colorado is in the same situation. A one shot deal with Selanne and Kariya on the team and they are going to trust that shot to Aebischer?
Let's not compare Aebischer to Turco, who set the all-time record GAA last season. He's not a representative sampling at all. It was an awesome season, nearly impossible to duplicate. The near .920 save percentage Aebischer can boast at present is elite class.

I agree with those who think that eventually the Avalanche may very well decide to add a goaltender. I disagree with those who believe it will happen anytime soon.

Anyone they elect to add will be a big time goalie, and thus very well paid. Since Aebischer is doing a more than adequate job holding down the fort right now, why not wait until March to make that trade, and save yourself the cash? Kolzig is one possibility, as is Burke, as are others. No rush. Certainly the price need not be your highest scoring forward.