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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
You can say this all you want. Find me any other team in the league that gets such negative crap said about them by ex players as much as the Habs.

It's clear as day...the Habs have not been run properly and have pissed off a lot of people. What Pouillot, Cammy, Spacek, etc. said is not suprising.
yes, things have been crazy around the team for awhile (but actually not THAT long).

Find me another team whose media seek out former players of the cultural background controversially linked with political interests to the team and said media to such a ridiculous degree.

Things have also been good here. We've had some great times in the last few years, and we have more to come.

Spacek - loved the team, hated the French controversy (that's the media, not the team)

Lats - was perhaps sort of right about Carbo communication, but it was also his fault he didn't do a lot of things he does now that he's not the heir to the city

Laps - hasn't said anything too rotten, was disgruntled about ice time, fair enough

Ribs - total loser (and I really liked him when he was here before the end). The whole selfishness thing actually makes me forgive the Ninimaafication of the deal. Guy had to be shipped out ASAP and I gather Dallas feels the same

Boullion - don't think he really said anything too horrible, just that coming to the rink is easier in NSH. You think he wouldn't jump at the chance to wear the CH again?

The point is these guys all had people not only willing to listen, but seeking them out to elicit negativity and turn it into hyperbolic vitriol. Things aren't even that bad with this team. We ourselves make it out to be worse + the media and it's a constant feedback loop. I actually can't envision L'antichambre or JdM with the Habs playing great. I remember the Gazette articles when we were playing the Pens. So much awesomeness. Wasn't that long ago. The way I see it, with the Habs, there's so much reason to expect good things given the attitudes of the young core we have. Imagine if you're a Leaf fan after this season. Even drafting Yakupov and signing Nash...deep down you know you're missing the playoffs somehow.

I personally don't think Gauthier's moves were horrific. In fact I'm thankful for many of them. They will bear fruit in the near future, but he won't be credited (same with Gainey). That being said, I do agree that the way he handled things wasn't at the level expected of the Montreal Canadiens GM. He's gone, we're apparently looking for someone perfect, so reason to be happy. FTR, players during Gainey's tenure, if they had a problem, it was with Carbo, not Gainey.

The one thing that I heard in the last few days that made me very positive was how positive Carey was about this team and the direction he thinks it's headed. He probably has the best idea about all this AND if there's one person who should hate everything about this god-awful season, it's him.

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