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04-10-2012, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
Dude, I'm with you all the way. Cammy should have never been traded, IMO. I actually liked what he said.

Ryder was a 30 goal guy...he had a rough last year and was discarded like a piece of garbage while being scratched in the playoffs. Fans turned on him so quickly.

Also, Pouillot could have been easily used on the 3rd line but it was top 6 or bust for the he was discarded... just over a year after trading a pretty decent player in Latendresse. This is why I'm so happy there was a house cleaning.
I'm with you on the fact that Cammy's comments were perfectly fine. I'm not sure that he was going to be an effective fwd for us at that price tag though. I loved Cammy. It was sad to see his decline.

I don't think the fans really turned on Ryder. He was visibly not caring and it was that year with all the injuries where you have to step up for your team (see my point about his character) and it was all caught up in that terrible end to the season, going into that series with Boston with a battered team and a young fragile Price (oh, and yeah our D sucked too....Komi without Markov). As I remember, Ryder didn't really give two ***** and my guess is that it wasn't appreciated by Gainey who was the interim coach at the time. Say what you want about the Gomez deal, but Gainey knows how to evaluate a player's commitment to the team.

Lats trade was meh. He wasn't doing much in a role he should have just accepted (and IMO did when he went to Minny). Personally, I liked Pouliot. If you go back, you'll see I used to post about him not getting enough ice time and that he did put up a decent number of points. Then again, he's definitely not the player you want around when times are tough, which could also be a rebuild (thus his comments recently...can't take the going when it gets tough).

Think of it more as a lot of things are happening right now that have to happen for us to truly move forward. I don't think we've been in a state of perpetual disarray like it's been made out to be. Two years ago we were in the ECF. In the process, we've developed in some younger players the understanding of what it takes to win. This year, more development that will help us if we stay the right course.

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