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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I wouldn't be opposed to a tank, but I wouldn't say we need to move all our vets. As tempting as it may be to move the better ones, as they would obviously bring the better returns, we'd still need to surround the young prospects with good veteran presence.
Look at how Cole rubbed off on MaxPac. The kid has been learning and trying to play like him all year.
It's too bad Markov was injured all this time. Having him here to mentor PK's offensive game would have been ideal. Hopefully he stays healthy and PK can pick up some things.
Eller can learn quite a bit from Plekanec. He already has imo. His two way game has improved quite a lot since he first joined. Watching a guy like Plek be so efficient at it must help.

So, not sure who we'd move or not, or maybe make other signings, not sure. At the end of the day though, you need good veterans for the kids.
I wasn't clear, my bad. I said they 'can' be moved, but it would insane to shred the team completely. Guys like Gorges, Cole, Gionta, Plekanec,etc...can still have a purpose and trading them depends on your philosophy and if someone is there to replace them or not.

I can't imagine the habs tearing down the team asap, even in my wildest dreams, but i'd imagine over the duration of the veteran core's remaining contract is a possibility. For instance, gionta, kaberle, markov, gomez all have 2 years left on their deals. They might be prone to movement within that span. Guys like Cole have 3 years left and will likely still provide a role.

The thing is, even if we remove ALL the vets within 2 years, we're left with(assuming we get grigorenko)




X=Empty spot.

While I don't envision this, it is a worst case scenario. In an ideal world, guys like Gorges and Moen are 100% keepers. Guys like Plekanec may be slotted at center until grigorenko is ready.

Also, the returns we'd get off trades and prospects moving up in tinordi, beaulieu, gallagher, kristo, engqvist, dumont, etc...

Who will compete for spots.

I don't expect a gutting of the team, but I would mean a transition process with a certain direction.

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