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04-11-2012, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by zeeto View Post
The blind hate of PG is hilarious.

Do you think PG was the guy collecting game used jerseys to sell? He's part of the business side now? Is he the one who put all the price tags on the items at the game used sale last Saturday?

I'm not PG apologist, but having the players buy their own game used jersey not a PG decision. I would be akin to me being layed off at my job, and saying "Hey boss-man, I really have a fond attachment to my monitor, mind if I take it?" Because of "rules" put in place, out of my managers control, he'd say "Piss off, buy it and it's yours."
While I understand where you're going with the business analogy, also realize that people with $6 million dollar salaries in the business world often get substantial "parting gifts" as thanks for their service. I'm sure Cammy (like everyone else) probably bought a bunch of his jerseys as gifts for friends/family during his time in Montreal, and that's fine - "employee discounts" are a standard business practice. Sounds like he never asked for one for himself before, and when he did he was surprised to be denied... and I don't blame him, honestly. I mean, he was a pretty prominent player while he was with us.

Hockey teams, while ultimately businesses, pride themselves on establishing a sense of family/belonging - from the top to bottom of an organization - as chemistry is deemed a crucial ingredient to success. I'm not sure that I've ever heard of something like this before, and I've never heard of a player not having one of their own game-worn jerseys (or at least the ones they felt like "collecting"). Admittedly, I guess I've just always assumed that those who wanted one could just have one. Maybe players have actually been buying their own jerseys for a while now, I have no clue. Just seems odd that they would draw the line at a jersey, when these guys have free reign to bust up a few $300 sticks per game/practice on the company dollar, for example.

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