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04-11-2012, 09:23 AM
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lol the Sun.

Fans are almost as bad as the Sun reporters. How many complaints did we see from posters about JFJ being too closed mouth. I can't confirm or deny it, but I think there were a lot of posts about it

Now Burke is the polar opposite of JFJ (in terms of talking to us fans) and people want him so ****. You guys should just look at it, like I do.

A part of the GM's job is being a politician. That means, he will spin things, draw attention away form some things and tell us only as much as he thinks is safe (you don't always want to tip your hand).

I really don't care if it's JFJ like silence or Burke-like info blitzes, that's just the mask we're seeing/hearing. It's what's being done and results that count.

Burke's job this summer is to right the ship. Talk all you want, or keep your cards close to your chest. I don't care. Just get the job done.

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