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Originally Posted by Leafsman View Post
Kind of like what you did to Gatorade??

I like that Burke gets angry and pissed off and doesn;t take ****! That is what I want from this team and like everyone says it starts from the top.

Everyone gets angry that Burke puts reporters in their place if they cross lines. Seriously, what woudl you rather have?? SOme little fluff peice that does his job while clenching the media's nutsack?

He calls the media ******** and bastrards?? boohooo! Poor media members! I coudl give two ***** how he treats the media! They are ******** and ********! I commend Burke for not coming out of some interviews/pressers with a manslaughter charge!

You want to cry over the media feelings? You want some soft cuddly teddy bear as a GM who after a losing season is going to bring you a warm glass of milk and rub your tummy??? Nut up and shut up!! I want a GM who gets pissed and angry and swears! ****, I wish he chewed tobacco and hocked it over the podium!

I wish Schenn, phanuef and Kessel took a page from his book and told the occasinal reporter to replace the microphone with their head that's up their butt!
I wasn't referring to the media. I said he has made a laughing stock of the brand because he is chief architect of the worst playoff drought in Maple Leaf history.

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