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Originally Posted by Stugots View Post
Edmonton has two problems:

1. In the future its going to be hard as hell for them to keep RNH, Yakupov, Hall, Eberle, and Gagner together because of the cap.

2. Their defense sucks.

Right now, the first problem is kind of irrelevant because those guys aren't making any money. But if they want to improve their D they're going to have to make a move, and I think the Rangers would be good trading partners.

I see Gagner as the most likely to get moved. RNH, Hall, and Eberle already have achieved higher point totals than Gagner and are younger.
Spot on, and this is why I have suggested moves for Hall, though I'd be open to RNH/Eberle and now Yakupov, along iwth the fact that while balance is not everything all by itself, balance is important and useful.

However, even when offered full real value for Hall, because of emotional attachment (which theoretically is supposed to yield to desire to win) Oilers would not bite. Packages including Girardi + Stepan (in lieu of MDZ) did not take. For one of these, they want McDonagh, and only McDonagh, a price we would not pay unless Stamkos or Malkin were involved.

There is hope that now they are getting Yakupov at #1, given the above quote and that they truly would have enough firepower, they would consider 2 Ds, but if we keep Erixon (both on potential/shot from point, and other reasons) and don't trade McDonagh, then we can't do Stepan in lieu of MDZ, we'd likely have to offer both.

we'd probably have to offer something like:
Girardi + MDZ + Stepan
Edmonton 1st AND 2nd 2012

This gives us Yakopov + a high pick, and gives them 3 bodies who contribute immediately, a full first pairing, and a solid C who can exploit the remaining snipers.

They might want to expand that and try to make us take MPS for Dubi, who is overpaid but a better overall player.

Alternatively, GULP, they might push for Hemsky for Dubi!

So unless we want to scale way down, and go only after Gagner, we will have to overpay to get, because (repeat after me) snipers [especially without issues] command a premium. The question is whether or not if offered the overpayment demanded is one we can and should live with to get balance/scoring upgrade/sniper.

We MIGHT be able to have a winning bid with:
future Ranger 2nd
and Pashnin (a loose cannon variable)
+ future 3rd upgradeable to 2nd

for gagner

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