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04-11-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
Imagine how many complainers we would have here if brian. Burke was doing a wonderful job

Do u see who is right behind the leafs in the draft ...Anahiem!
So lets see if I've got this straight, Burke has been in Toronto for 3 and a half years is totally responsible and Burke hasn't been in Anaheim for 3 and a half years and is also responsible, excellent logic

As far as getting back to the way things were when the Major was always so respectful of the poor poor media

In the 1930s, legendary hockey owner Conn Smythe was displeased by newspaper coverage of his Toronto Maple Leafs. Smythe's solution: He approached Toronto Star publisher Joe Atkinson with a promise to take out $20,000 in advertising annually. In exchange, Atkinson would raise his hockey writers' salaries by $20,000 -- as a reward for more "honest" reporting.

If owners of pro sports teams no longer engage in outright bribery, it's only because they no longer need to. No single topic -- not even presidential campaigns or wars -- receives the kind of day-in, day-out coverage that is devoted to sports by every daily media outlet in the nation. And the tone of all this coverage is, to put it mildly, uncritical. Sportswriters tend to assume that their readers and the local teams share the same goal: winning games

basically even way back when when all was honourable, there was always an attempt to control the message(which is why my dear departed father always told me not to believe half of what I read in newspapers/media and to be suspicious of the other half). Dr. Goebbels was a firm believer in controlling the message as well, as it directly effects public opinion/perception (see the Murdoch news conglomerate for the modern version of controlling the message).

Had a reporter back in those days had the affrontory to opinionate on Hap Day needing to get fired or questioning Conn' s operational day to day, that reporter would've found himself out of a job, and in the depression that was a very powerful tool to have at ones disposal

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