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04-11-2012, 11:31 AM
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Well, moving on from the draft lottery - it's time for the playoffs to start.

Here are the two outcomes that most directly affect the Blue Jackets:

1) Phoenix wins the first round. We then get a 4th round pick next year (instead of 5th round) from the Vermette trade.

2) LA loses in the first 2 rounds. We get the choice of taking a first round pick that is at worst #17.

Here are a few scenarios that could help us move up a few slots:

1) Ottawa is a bit of a weird case. If they make the conference finals, our 2nd round pick from them suffers (moves back), but our LA first round pick would move up to #16. I guess it depends on which you think is more valuable (+1 spot in first round versus -10 spots in the 2nd round)

2) Washington makes it to conference finals and LA doesn't. Again, our LA 1st round pick could move up. If both Washington and Ottawa meet in the East conference final, the LA pick could move to #15.

3) New Jersey does well enough that they decide to forfeit their first round pick this year (due to Kovalchuck fiasco; can decide this year or next). Something that is not often mentioned, is that even though Edmonton won the lottery, that only affects the first round. We pick 31, so if New Jersey forfeits, we move up to #30. Technically we could have 3 first round picks.

The teams that could affect us by losing due to upping demand for Nash is all speculation. We don't know who is on Nash's list for sure. Also, there might be an argument made that if demand for Nash goes down, the Jackets decide to keep him and it works out well for us.

With that said, it depends on your perspective, but it may be advantageous that Vancouver, San Jose and New York bounce early from the playoffs.

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